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ELSA BOUTIQUE is ready to help you with any problem of style you may have with a brand new service on WhatsApp.

Do you want some informations about materials or details of an item? Do you want to know if the dress you like will suit you? Do you want to see a real time picture of the item you’re buying? Do you need informations about your order or shipment?

NO PROBLEM! ELSA SOS FASHION is here to help you with it, all you need to do is to send a WhatsApp message at the number +39 389 2031795 and we will give you all the informations, advices and solutions you may need!

You can also, contact us to have some advices on a particular style, if it could suit you or  not. We will be happy to be you PERSONAL SHOPPER!

Don’t hesitate to contact us, ELSA SOS FASHION is available on Wahtsapp application on your mobile.