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Elsa Boutique

Stores Opening

  • from Monday to Saturday: 9.30 AM - 13.00 PM / 16.15 PM - 20.00 PM
  • Sunday: 10.00 AM - 13.00 PM / 16.00 PM - 20.00 PM
  • 22nd 23rd 24th December: 9.30 AM - 20.00 PM
The opening hours are the same for all our stores.

From the end of the '60s with a 40sqm shop, today Elsa has 3 outlets in the center of Terni with a total area of more than 750sqm. Each store contains the charm and class that distinguishes our style and in each one, the customers can find all the assistance they need in a warm and comfortable setting.

The price of the items in ELSA BOUTIQUE may be different from the online shop.

Here's where you can find us:

Via Fratini, 1,2,29
05100 Terni, Italy

The shops are all in the center of Terni. Each of the store is dedicated to the following lines:

Elsa Via Fratini, 29 - with the highest top fashion brands

Elsa Via Fratini, 1 - bags shoes and accessories

Elsa Via Fratini, 2 - lingerie and beachwear 

For further information please contact us at +39 0744 409256.